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A Profile of Poker Celebrity Alison Sweeney

Most people who were chosen to star as television actors and actresses have tremendous appeal to the mass audience. One of the reasons behind this is that these people have gone through a lot of different auditions. It means that these people were carefully hand-picked from some of the best possible talents and beauties available.

Once these people make in on television, they are most likely to achieve celebrity status in an instant. It is because television sets are one of the most widely distributed household appliances. Almost every home has a television or is aspiring to buy one someday. That is why celebrities have a special place in the hearts of television viewers. In some way or the other, it is more fun and exciting to see them partake on something that they are not known for.

For those who are familiar and are avid fans of the famous television soap "Days of Our Lives," who could ever forget Alison Sweeney. She portrayed one of the main characters of the story, playing as Samantha Gene Brady. Want proof of her good caliber as an actress? Just take a good look at the television awards she has accumulated throughout the years. She is indeed a classic beauty with a lot of talent.

In the past few years, Sweeney decided to take part in some poker celebrity events. In the television program "Celebrity Poker Showdown" aired in Bravo television network, she played poker with fellow celebrities like Jeremy London, Wendy Pepper and Camryn Manhein. Playing poker has never been this fun with all the celebrities partaking in such exciting event.

In the "Celebrity Poker Showdown," she played for the charitable institution called St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. This group has been conducting research for the advancement of treatments for deadly diseases like cancer. This pediatric facility has been known for treating pediatric patients without giving much attention to their capacity to pay for the rendered services. This will provide help for people who are in dire needs of financial support and medical treatment.

Sweeney is one of the numerous poker celebrities who have signed up for these beneficial events. Besides the charitable function of celebrities playing poker, they also inspire other people at home to try this very fun and exciting game. Millions of ordinary people as well as the fans of Sweeney would definitely enjoy watching her play more televised poker games in the future.