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Multiple Award-Winning Actor James Woods as a Poker Celebrity

Now here's someone who can really get the respect of both the poker and entertainment worlds in an instant. Award-winning actor James Woods took the "Celebrity Poker Showdown" by storm, displaying his skills in an event that served as the ultimate test of poker skills for celebrities like him.

The illustrious career of Woods includes numerous movies and television programs. Since the start of 1974, he has already been involved in the production of several award-winning pictures. In his early years in the entertainment industry, he starred in several television series including "Holocaust," "Kojak," and "Rockford Files."

Woods can also be called a man with a golden voice for it was already featured in several animated films in the past. These include movies like "Ark," "Stuart Little 2," and "Hercules." Meanwhile, his performances in several movies are noteworthy especially in the films "Salvador" and "Ghosts of Mississippi," where he received award nominations for his acting.

Woods is more known for his stellar performances in the big screen. These include major roles in the blockbuster movies "Any Given Sunday" and "Rudy: The Rudy Giuliani Story." In addition to the very long list of motion pictures in which he starred in are "The General's Daughter," "Casino," "John Carpenter's Vampires," "The Specialist," "Citizen Cohn," "Scary Movie 2," "John Q," and "Entourage."

After Woods appeared in the television hit entitled "Celebrity Poker Showdown," the world immediately noticed that he is one of the most talented poker celebrities of today. At that special tournament, he played for the charitable institution called the American Stroke Association. This group has been known throughout the years for disseminating the truth behind stroke, which is one of the most deadly diseases afflicting millions of people annually.

The charitable institution represented by Woods at the "Celebrity Poker Showdown" works under the American Heart Association. After seeing numerous people suffering from the harmful effects of stroke, Woods unhesitatingly chose the American Stroke Association as a beneficiary of his performance at the poker celebrity tournament.

The event showed to the world the lighter side of Woods as a well-respected actor. He displayed his unique styles and strategies in playing poker. He served as a good example for all the people as well as his fellow celebrities to follow. He may not be as good as the professional poker players out there, but he really showed to the world that he has a heart of gold. Poker celebrities indeed serve as good inspiration for everyone.