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A Feature on Poker Celebrity Player Doug Savant

What do celebrities have in common that it seems people just cannot get enough of them. Is it their charisma, good looks, or mass appeal? No matter what their reasons are, people indeed just cannot pass up on their favorite celebrities appearing on television. Celebrity poker tournaments allow the television audience to see the lighter side of some of the most famous celebrities.

Some of these celebrities may know very little about poker, but one way or the other, they may have been hooked into the excitement and fun brought about by the game. It sure is fun to see these wonderful people go at each other for amateur poker supremacy. They may differ in their skills at the game, but they sure provide total entertainment for all their fans as they watch very closely on their idols.

One of the most famous celebrities who happily participated in these celebrity poker tournaments is television actor Doug Savant. Like all the professional actors out there, he has already established himself as a television icon as he appeared in some of the most successful television series. These include a stint at television hits "Melrose Place," "JAG," and the worldwide phenomenon "Desperate Housewives."

Savant's effective portrayal of the different television characters that he played made him a fan-favorite. He also starred in other television programs like "Firefly," "Nip/Tuck," and "24." He appeared in one of the tournaments of the "Celebrity Poker Showdown." In this tournament, he went against his fellow "Desperate Housewives" actor for a very exciting poker showdown.

In his stint as a poker celebrity, Savant played for the Desi Geestman Foundation. This charitable institution aims to help children who are already afflicted by cancer at a very young age. This foundation also aims to help the families of cancer patients to cope with the condition of their loved ones who are suffering so much from the disease. The charitable institution will also try their best to provide these children with better living conditions.

Poker celebrity events like this provide viewers a chance to see the good side of their favorite stars. Savant showed that to the world by taking part in the event. Hopefully, more and more celebrities will join these charitable functions for a better society. An innumerable number of people would definitely be pleased with what Savant and the other celebrities have done to help the different charitable groups achieve their humanitarian goals.