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A Feature on African-American Actor Doug E. Doug as a Poker Celebrity

The entertainment industry has lots of talented people to showcase to the whole world. They people have been known to provide quality entertainment for people to enjoy and appreciate. Meanwhile, poker is a world-class game that never fails to attract serious attention from a vast selection of audience. What would the result be if these two wonderful entities were combined?

The pretty obvious answer for this question is a hit television show called the "Celebrity Poker Showdown." This program has been combining the talents of people from the entertainment industry and the fun brought about by the game of poker. While it is for the show's best interest to prosper, the television audience greatly benefited from this as well. One of the most talented poker celebrities that were featured in the show was African-American actor Doug E. Doug.

Doug is an institution himself in the world of entertainment. He has already appeared in several blockbuster films, displaying his funny antics in each and every one of them. The long list of films where he appeared includes "Hangin' with the Homeboys," "Operation Dumbo Drop" and "Eight Legged Freaks." These movies are not limited to comedy, displaying Doug's versatility as an actor.

Despite Doug's success in the big screen, he has also appeared in some respectable television shows like "Diagnosis Murder," "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit" and "Where I Live." This shows that his talent is not mainly limited to the movies. His voice was even featured in the successful animated film "Shark Tale." To complete the list of films where he appeared are "That Darn Cat," Cool Runnings," "Class Act" and "Jungle Fever."

In his guest appearance at the "Celebrity Poker Showdown," Doug played for the charitable institution called KIPP Foundation. This group consists of several free pre-college public schools in the U.S. It aims to promote the highest quality of public education. Some of its programs include providing academic support, an extensive pre-college curriculum, and supplying highly-qualified teachers.

With the kind of charitable institution that Doug chose to play for at the television program, it shows that he has high regards for quality education. At the event, he was able to display his excellent skills in poker as well as help numerous children to have decent lives in the future. His appearance at the show solidified his status as a true poker celebrity. Millions of viewers were surely glad to see him as well as his fellow celebrities play poker for a good cause.