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Comedian Kevin Nealon as a Poker Celebrity

The universality of the game of poker cannot be questioned. People of different ages, race and walks of life possess the same desire and passion for playing the game. Poker has a unique way of binding different kinds of people. To see the game of poker in a different light, it is good to take a look at some of the famous poker celebrities out there.

Now who would have thought that comedians can become good poker players? That is what comedian Kevin Nealon proved to the world after he played tremendously well in a poker tournament in Bravo's "Celebrity Poker Showdown." By combining his skills in the game with his experience under the limelight, Nealon reached one of the final events of the said tournament.

Nealon became known for his crazy antics and classic way of making people laugh in the television show "Saturday Night Live." His popularity as a comic genius led to some more roles in the motion pictures, starring in films such as "Daddy Day Care," "Happy Gilmore," and "Anger Management."

Nealon also had regular appearances on television, starring in shows like "Curb Your Enthusiasm," "Weeds," and "Still Standing." This outstanding comedian showed the world that he has more things under his sleeves by becoming a poker celebrity. In the "Celebrity Poker Showdown," he showed everybody his excellent skills and strategies in playing the game.

In that particular tournament, Nealon played for the charitable institution called Hope Hospice. This group caters to the physical, medical as well as emotional needs of people who are about to die. It supports the needs of these people for them not to give up and have hope that their physical and emotional conditions would somehow improve in the future. The priority programs of this institution include community bereavement counseling, community education and palliative care. This hospice is also provides therapy programs in music, massage and art.

Nealon is a good-hearted individual who is ready to donate his time and effort for something good. His stint as a poker celebrity indeed touched the hearts of many people who support such efforts as well as the many poker enthusiasts who have watched him play the game. Seeing him play, together with the other celebrities out there, can truly inspire ordinary men and women to do something worthwhile for society and their different communities in particular. The game of poker would surely get a lot of boost from Nealon and his fellow poker celebrities.