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Comedian and Comedy Writer Michael Ian Black as a Poker Celebrity

There have been many comedians who have made a mark in poker celebrity events. The likes of Andy Dick, Joy Behar and Jenna Fischer have already displayed their skills in such occasions. These only prove that comedians are no laughing matter when it comes to playing poker. They may be laughing most of the time, but this one is an exception.

Michael Ian Black is a popular comedian who has seriously showcased his excellent skills in poker. Prior his involvement in the televised poker celebrity events, he has already proved himself as a good comedian and comedy writer. He has appeared in the excellent television series entitled "I Love the…" from VH1, as well as in the television comedy drama "Ed." He has also done a wonderful job in hosting the hidden-camera television program "Spy TV."

Aside from Black's background in television comedy, he has also ventured in other areas such as music and motion pictures. He directed the film "Wedding Daze," which stars popular comedians Joe Pantoliano and Jason Biggs. He also wrote various comedy screenplays for movies such as "Run, Fat Boy, Run." In September 2007, he released a music album entitled "I Am a Wonderful Man."

All of the said activities support the fact that Black is indeed a well-rounded individual with lots and lots of talent. In the game of poker, this handsome comedian may have found something more serious to deal with despite being known for his crazy and funny antics. He decided to join Bravo's television hit called "Celebrity Poker Showdown" in order to test his skill as a poker celebrity.

Black is known throughout the entire entertainment industry as a regular player of online poker. This only shows how deep his desire is for the game of poker. In the "Celebrity Poker Showdown," he played for his favorite charity called MAZON - A Jewish Response to Hunger. Despite being known for making fun out of his being a Jewish-American, Black is known for championing the missions of Jewish charities.

The charity which Black selected to play for at the "Celebrity Poker Showdown" is known for its efforts to stop hunger all over the world. This cause inspired him to play much better in the tournament. It also presented him with the opportunity to enjoy playing poker while doing something good for the world at the same time.

In the "Celebrity Poker Showdown," Black racked up major victories enough to impress everybody from the entertainment industry as well as in the world of poker. His great run ranks him with some of the best poker celebrities who have participated in the event.