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Character Actor Barry Corbin as a Poker Celebrity

Can good character actors make good poker players? This is the question Barry Corbin tries to answer as he signed up for a poker celebrity tournament in Bravo's television hit show "Celebrity Poker Showdown." The answer seems to be a definite 'yes' as Corbin competes with some of the best celebrities in playing poker. Corbin displayed what he knows in an ultimate test of poker skills.

Corbin has a pretty colorful background in the entertainment industry. He has already starred in numerous films and television programs. In television, he was known for his excellent acting skills in the hit program "Northern Exposure." His supreme skills in acting earned him a highly regarded Emmy nomination.

Corbin has already appeared in so many films. These include stints in blockbuster movies such as "The Dukes of Hazzard," "The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas," and "Urban Cowboy." To complete the long list of films in which he appeared are "Nothing in Common," "My Science Project," "Six Pack," "No Country for Old Men," "Stir Crazy," "The Hot Spot," "WarGames," and "Who's Harry Crumb?" These are the films that helped Corbin make a deep and lasting mark in the world of entertainment.

Meanwhile, Corbin has also posted innumerable performances on television. He has already starred in television hits such as "Lonesome Dove," "The Closer," and "M*A*S*H." In addition to the aforementioned programs, he also appeared in other television programs like "The Thorn Birds," "Reba," "Dallas," and "One Tree Hill." These television programs are concrete evidences of his unmatched acting talent.

Believe it or not, Corbin also starred in some film sequences that are featured in computer games. Now that's what we call total domination. It seems that there is no other place left in the entertainment industry that he has not taken a step into. He appeared in the games entitled Tex Murphy: The Pandora Directive and Red Alert: Retaliation.

Corbin became a poker celebrity when he decided to sign up for the "Celebrity Poker Showdown." In this event, he was playing for the charitable institution called Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children. This allowed him to offer something for a very good cause. Throughout the years, this institution has been known to provide medical help for children. This group specializes in the areas of dyslexia, orthopedics and pediatric neurology. It also provides services for children who have learning disabilities.

In his stint at the "Celebrity Poker Showdown," Corbin showed the world that he really knows how to play real poker. This event joined his name with all the other celebrity poker greats. It surely was fun to see him compete with fellow celebrities for a really good cause.