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The Beautiful Comedienne Jenna Fischer as a Poker Celebrity

So what are actors and actresses known for? The pretty obvious answer would be their acting skills. Who would have thought that these extra talented people can also rough it up on top of the poker table? This fact cannot be argued as some of the most popular celebrities play poker in the Bravo's hit television program "Celebrity Poker Showdown."

This world wide hit features some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry as they go head-to-head with their fellow superstars in a world they are not known for. Throughout the past few years, these poker celebrities have shown to the world that they can indeed play good poker. It made millions of viewers all over the globe wait in anticipation as they play a very exciting and entertaining brand of poker.

One of the latest additions to the long list of celebrities who have joined poker tournaments is the lovely comedienne Jenna Fischer. Known for making people laugh their hearts out, she defied the ordinary by playing poker on television. Besides her very good looks, people would definitely admire her more for her poker skills.

Fischer has a good background in acting. She has already appeared in numerous television programs where she definitely captivated viewers with her high level of acting skills. These include stints in shows like "That 70's Show," "Spin City," and "Six Feet Under." Aside from the aforementioned shows, she gained better appreciation for her role in the hit television comedy "The Office."

Meanwhile, Fischer's performance on the big screen also deserves some serious respect and attention as a good actress. She already appeared in motion pictures such as the super hilarious "Blades of Glory," the action-packed "Slither," and the very funny "Employee of the Month." She deserves credit for being such a versatile actress. No matter what role she may be given, it seems that she can easily adapt to them.

Fischer showcased her skills and strategies in playing poker at the "Celebrity Poker Showdown." In her stint at the show, she went up against her fellow celebrities that include Rocco DiSpirito, Keegan-Michael Key and Mario Cantone. She showed that her skills are not limited to just acting alone, but include a wide repertoire of talents which include playing poker.

Fischer played for her favorite charitable institution named Catholic Charities. This group has been conducted efforts to help the victims of the two most destructive hurricanes that have ever hit the U.S. This institution has spent the past years gathering donations from generous sources to help the calamity victims recover from the vast effects of the disasters.