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Action Star Kevin Sorbo as a Poker Celebrity

For the past few years, the world has seen a diverse selection of celebrities who have graced the different poker tables all over the globe. We've already seen singers, comedians, character actors as well as the other types of people who have reached the celebrity status play the game at an elevated level of competition. Events such as Bravo's television show "Celebrity Poker Showdown" allows the television audience to see the extra talent these people have in playing poker.

One of the most popular names that come to the minds of the television audience when it comes to television action is Kevin Sorbo. He has already appeared in numerous action roles as well as some other roles that perfectly fit his personality as a tough individual. The "Celebrity Poker Showdown" tests the toughness of this television action hero on top of the poker table.

Sorbo's tough reputation in front of the small screen can be seen in the roles that he played in television action/adventure shows like "Andromeda" and "Hercules." He has also starred in other successful television programs such as "Two and a Half Men," "The O.C.," and "Xena: The Warrior Princess." These programs displayed the versatility of Sorbo as an actor.

In the "Celebrity Poker Showdown," the audience can actually see Sorbo as he folds, raise or call while competing with his fellow poker celebrities. Like a real action star, Sorbo will find a way to defy the odds to win the game. By doing this, he could earn the respect of his fellow celebrities with regards to poker skills.

Sorbo played for his favorite charitable institution called Christian Children's Fund. This charity has been known for trying to provide children with all their needs. This group helps children develop their full potential in order to emerge as responsible citizens in the future. Creating a lovely and peace-loving environment for children would later lead to their development as good-hearted people.

In his stint at the "Celebrity Poker Showdown," Sorbo played with fellow poker celebrities Susie Essman, Jamie Bamber, Jason Alexander and Bryan Cranston. This group of people made a good show out of their very own unique skills and style in playing the game of poker. It elevated the status of Sorbo into a full-fledged poker celebrity with a golden heart. Now that's a perfect combination of good looks and good character. Millions of television viewers as well as the other poker players would definitely be inspired to play poker while doing something good for the society.