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A Feature on Poker Celebrity Kelli Williams

It is always nice to see our favorite celebrities on television. Besides their beautiful faces and oozing charisma, it is always inspiring to see them do something good for other people. Because these extraordinary people have already earned enough money for themselves, they are so much willing to contribute their efforts for the financial gain of others.

Poker celebrities are a serious attraction in the world of sports. They have continued to capture the hearts of the audience with their unique style of play and use of effective strategies. Despite their lack of the more advance skills like those of professional poker players, these people have their own way of racking up victories. It sure is a fun and exciting experience to see them play their best against their fellow celebrities.

Kelli Williams is one of the numerous poker celebrities today. She is among the latest stars who have decided to try their luck in poker. She comes from a very respectable background in the entertainment industry. She has starred in television hits such as "Medical Investigation" and "The Practice."

Despite starring in some major roles, Williams also has some guest appearances in other hit television programs like "The Lyon's Den," "Hack," and "Scrubs." She has also appeared in a movie that was filmed for television entitled "Snowbound: The Jim and Jennifer Stolpa Story."

Williams signed up as a poker celebrity who competes at Bravo's television show "Celebrity Poker Showdown." In this event, she tries to outsmart and outplay her fellow celebrities in a showdown of poker skills. She will face the likes of the very talented Dule Hill, Kathleen Madigan and Carlos Bernard. Each of these beautiful men and women will play for their individual charitable institutions.

In that tournament, Williams played for her favorite charity called CARE - Tsunami Relief. This group is working for communities that lack the financial resources to meet their needs. It is a collaborative effort with the ambitious goal of eradicating the various problems caused by poverty worldwide.

CARE aims to nurture, develop and use the skills of the poor people for their very own progress in the future. By helping the poor, the group can bring out the best from these people for them to use in something profitable and worthwhile activities. Williams believe that by playing for CARE, she would contribute in the worldwide campaign against poverty. Such noble mission can be accomplished with the help of these good-hearted celebrities like Williams.