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A Look Into the Different Poker Celebrities

There is an increasing demand for celebrities who are playing poker. Viewers and spectators find it very entertaining to see their most admired group of people try something that is beyond their expertise. Celebrities constitute a large following in the international poker scene. It is indeed a rising segment in poker.

The poker industry tries to include celebrities in some of their events to attract serious attention all over the world. As always, celebrities are experts in getting the attention of almost everybody. People find them entertaining no matter what they are doing. Watching them play poker is indeed a very entertaining experience. Try it and see how these people compete in a very fun and exciting way.

Among the most popular poker celebrities today are actress Jennifer Tilly, singer Macy Gray and comedian Andy Dick. These stars play poker to enjoy as well as experience something new to try. Despite their celebrity status, some of these players have even developed a deeper love and devotion to the game of poker.

Usually, celebrities play for their favorite charitable institutions and foundations. They play their very best for these institutions to gain money and help them fulfill their different causes. These celebrities indeed have a golden heart. There is no better way to give money than to give it while enjoying as well. Playing poker offers them the opportunity to help while having fun at the same time.

Actress Jennifer Tilly is playing for the group called America's Second Harvest. Made popular by television programs like "Out of Practice," "Family Guy," and "Bound," Tilly plays against her fellow celebrities just like any professional poker player does in order to win. This charity allows her to increase the awareness of the public regarding important issues like hunger.

Meanwhile, singer Macy Gray plays poker for the institution called Habitat for Humanity. This Grammy Award winner helps support the goal of this nonprofit organization to provide houses to the various homeless and needy people worldwide. She once starred in the motion picture "Training Day."

On the other hand, comedian Andy Dick plays for a different cause. He supports the animal welfare group called People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals which is more popularly known as PETA. This allows Dick to help people raise awareness about the importance of taking care of the different animals worldwide.

Celebrities can develop their sense of social responsibility by playing poker. They can also help improve the awareness of people about the game of poker. These people can serve as good examples for the people who are watching them.

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